Deep is an immersive CAVE experience in which two guest will become the crew of a submarine and use their “vacuum” tools to collect lost treasures in danger underwater area. The guests will traverse through an undersea tunnel, dodge dangerous mines, collect valuables such as gold coins and pearls and reach the wreckage of a sunken pirate ship.

About this project

  • Three-week BVW project with a team of 5.
  • I was mainly the graphics programmer and the producer in our team.
  • Tools used: Unity, Substance Designer, Photoshop

Key Activities

  • Implemented a screen-space underwater shader featuring depth fog and simulated surface scattering of sun light.
  • Created the cone tornado special effect shader for the vaccuum tools.
  • Built a cone mesh generator to avoid creating different cone meshes from external tools.
  • Tuned parameters for effects such as bloom and SSAO in the post processing stack to better convey a mysterious and adventurous feeling.