Foresight is a VR camera system + mo-cap system aiming to expedite story and shot revision cycles in filmmaking. As a team, we tried visualizing different genres of scripts and built our own tools and pipelines along. If you want to check out our development team and the dev blogs, please visit our project website.

In this project, my main focus is the VR camera system and I worked on a wide variety of tasks ranging from developing tools within Unity to implementing specific camera effects. Here is a brief video about the features in the camera system.

My Contributions

  • Recreated camera properties and moves such as adjustable focal lengths, tilting/panning and dolly in VR.
  • Worked closely with the UI/UX designer to iterate on the camera panel UI and user interactions such as modifying track
  • Wrote and debugged shaders to implement a gaussian-based depth of field effect with tweakable aperture based on Skylanders SWAP Force’s method
  • Coded the serialization of camera motion and a tool to save/load camera motion
Saving/loading camera motion in Foresight
Depth of Field feature in Foresight

Special thanks to my teammates Angela, Arnav, Shera and Varun for their exceptional work in this project and valuable feedback to the camera system. Also I would like to appreciate my faculty advisors, Mo and Chris.